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Tai Chi for Arthritis - Multi Language


Product Description

Original (one disc) Tai Chi for Arthritis DVD is available in six languages:
English, Chinese (Mandarin), French, Spanish, Italian and German
Please contact us at serviceusa@taichiproductions.com or (906) 217-2000 for details

Duration: 80 mins

Supported by many Arthritis Foundations worldwide and proven by medical studies.

Over one million people around the world have improved their health and quality of life using this program. The 12 movement Tai Chi is especially composed by a team of medical and Tai Chi experts. It is easy-to-learn and safe for almost anyone. Step-by-step instructions will allow you to set your own pace and level. A portion of proceeds from sales will be contributed to Arthritis Research.

This DVD contains a complete exercise program designed to help people with arthritis to gain better control of their conditions and improve quality of life. After an introduction, medical experts discuss why exercise is important for people with arthritis. The Tai Chi program begins with warm-up exercises. You will then be guided through the Basic 6 Movements that form the core of the program. When you are ready, you can progress to the Advanced 6 Movements to improve your skill. It also contains a bonus Qigong breathing exercise to cultivate internal energy and promote relaxation.

Dr. Paul Lam has refined his method over thousands of hours with hundreds of students. This program features:

  • Simple, proven teaching techniques
  • Authentic and safe Tai Chi Forms
  • Learning in the comfort of your own home
  • Guidance from medical experts: Professor John Edmonds, University of NSW, Director of Rheumatology, St George Hospital, Sydney; Dr Ian Portek, Leading Rheumatologist, NSW, Australia and Guni Hinchey, Senior Rheumatology Physiotherapist.


"I am a geriatric nurse practitioner from the University of Pennsylvania. I am currently managing a research project for fall prevention in the inner city elderly. I previewed several videos on Tai Chi, including the one used for the study done in Atlanta that showed the effectiveness of Tai Chi for fall prevention. I found that the videos by Dr. Lam were the most helpful by far. They are the next best thing to having a teacher in the room with you! Dr. Lam"s extensive experience enables him to point out areas that are difficult for many students. I highly recommend these videos for self learning." - Bill Edwards, Pennsylvania USA

"I got the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis in the autumn of 1998...a good friend back home in Norway (who"s been practicing tai chi for years) sent me a present. It was a videotape called "Tai Chi for Arthritis." "This must be something for you," she wrote. It was.

I started practicing, following the instructions of the videotape. I felt immediately that something good was happening. Long before I had even learned the 12 movements properly, I felt improvement in my shoulders. There was warmth, blood circulation, more mobility. My shoulders came to life again! It felt like those tight joints loosened up and regained space. And then, remarkably fast, the pain vanished and the strength came back. I had had big problems with hanging up a towel. I had to bend down to the floor to brush my hair, etc.

Now gradually I could do these things more and more easily, the normal way, without pain. But it wasn"t just my shoulders that benefited. My neck and arms became less painful, and I got more energy overall. And of course I slept better at night. And, maybe the most important: My depression disappeared. On bad days, normally due to bad weather, not only had my body been affected but my mind as well-sometimes even more severely than my body. During those days I could see no solution to any problem, and I felt totally useless. I cried a lot.

Now, during January 2002 I noticed that bad weather didn"t affect me that way anymore. It did, and still does, affect my body to a certain extent, but not my mood!..." - Ingeborg Mager, Norway

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